Service Scheduling

Equipment Dealer Service Scheduling Solution

Skilled technicians are scarce, so you want to make the best use of their time every time you need them to assist a customer.

Intelligent scheduling, skills matching, parts availability verification, route optimization and task combination through an electronic scheduling solution improves service desk productivity and maximizes technician time.

The right service scheduling solution ensures the right technicians are scheduled and dispatched to the right jobs every time.

e-Emphasys Service Scheduling Software

The e-Emphasys eScheduler application, designed for use by dispatchers and foremen, streamlines service operations with more effective scheduling and dispatch of field technicians. As soon as a call comes in, detailed customer information and histories is readily available to turn this first point of contact into a competitive advantage.

Solution Capabilities and Benefits

Color-coded dashboards aid in advance scheduling, emergency scheduling, and automated scheduling of jobs. Managers easily drag and drop information to assign technicians with the information and equipment they need to diagnose the issues and close the calls. First-time resolution not only makes customers happy but also means shorter call-to-cash cycles. Other solution capabilities and benefits include:

Increased First-Time-Fix Ratio

Diagnose and fix the problem the first time by being able to dispatch the right technician with the right skills, parts, tools and customer data.

Optimized Technician Productivity

Once dispatched, ensure technicians have everything they need to get their jobs completed, including customer histories, parts, warranties, etc.

Reduced Service Costs

Improve scheduling and reduce parts and fuel costs with the ability to select technicians from multiple service centers.

Better Customer Relationships

Stay ahead of deadlines and fend off potential complaints by proactively informing customers with alerts for job starts, back-ordered parts, delays, etc.

e-Emphasys has cut our service administration expense by at least 50 percent. I would say the reduction in time with e-Emphasys in generating financials is 70 percent or greater. Things that used to take two departments several days going back and forth now take, in some cases, 10 to 20 seconds.

– John Kimball, CEO, Kimball Equipment

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