For Equipment Dealers & Rental Companies

With Integrated Document Management

e-Emphasys Document Management simplifies your business processes by providing an advanced, contextual, central repository for every file required to run your dealership. The Document Management system leverages advanced Document Capture features to assist in establishing digital document best practices, saving you time and money.

Wouldn’t you like to have access to a customer’s rental insurance documents within the ERP while creating a rental contract, or the ability to easily access the latest pictures, brochures, and manuals for equipment and embed them in the quotes given to customers?

With e-Emphasys ERP Document Management, you will never have to go from department to department, from filing cabinet to filing cabinet, looking for the documents you need.

e-Emphasys Advanced Document Management Eliminates:

Wasted Time

Due to searching for resources being housed in separate physical & digital locations

Multiple “Islands of Information”

Created by disjointed document management, cumbersome integrations, and multiple third-party products

Time-Consuming Audits

That require too much time and effort due to disparate systems and storage

Of Document Management

Automatic conversion of printed and handwritten text into digital formats allows you to create a paperless dealership

Breathe easy knowing you are always looking at the latest version of a document

Easy, instant access to create data help to improve communication and decision making

Manage the entire lifecycle of your business documents, from input through storage, retrieval and sharing

Built in Document Management means you never worry about additional software installations or messy integrations with third-party solutions

Document logic capabilities allow the system to automatically extract information without having to create templates or manually input data

Of Document Management

Integrated, contextual management of documents allows easy access from within e-Emphasys ERP.

Access your documents from anywhere, and easily add files from your mobile devices, with the Document Management Mobile Application.

Leverages workflow support to create alerts based on document contents.

Role-based authentication and authorization make sure that secure business processes are followed every time

Content repository keeps all your documents in one place, while also creating a connection between the document file and the ERP data pulled from it

Search for documents using free-text search, or attribute-based search

Integrations with Microsoft Office products like Outlook and SharePoint

Advanced document capture capabilities using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)


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