Business Process Modeling

Equipment Dealer Business Process Modeling

An organization must align its strategy and operations to run efficiently and profitably. Business process modeling ensures this alignment by documenting processes throughout the enterprise for analysis and improvement, including determining which processes may be redundant and where simplification and streamlining can occur.

Business process management and modeling is available to equipment dealerships based on specific and unique industry best practices.

The right business process modeling solution increases efficiency and profitability to ensure the vision for your dealership becomes a reality.

e-Emphasys Business Process Modeler

e-Emphasys ERP incorporates industry best practices and business processes for innovation, quality and sustainability. Each is designed to improve efficiency, which reduces operating costs in addition to improving both employee and customer experiences.

Our integrated, graphical Process Modeler literally gives you the big picture of your dealership and its operations with the ability to adopt from the industry, better leverage business system capabilities, and support continuing learning and improvement.  

Solution Capabilities and Benefits

e-Emphasys ERP is guaranteed to give your company a competitive advantage through proven, future-proof software and industry best practices and business processes that are integrated within its work flows. Specific capabilities and benefits of the e-Emphasys Process Modeler include:

Repository of Best Practices

e-Emphasys ERP is equipped with more than 400 equipment industry best practices based on decades of experience working with some of the globe’s best-run dealerships – all integrated into the software from day one.

Operational Visibility

The e-Emphasys Process Modeler provides interactive process mapping for every department within the dealership, ensuring adherence to corporate policy and reducing onboarding time.

Built-in Compliance

Ensure compliance with ISO 9000, SOX and other business regulations your dealership must monitor for adherence.

The parts planning tool has been a big game changer for us. Not only with helping us with what to order, but being able to utilize our other locations inventories. This helps us maximize our inventory, frees up dollar, and helps get parts to our customers a little bit quicker as well.

– AJ Westall, Corporate Parts Director, Thermo King West

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