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Equipment Dealer Equipment Inspection Solution

Speed is essential to competing in today’s equipment rental market.

The ability to automate equipment check-in, inspection and check-out processes minimizes equipment downtime, streamlines the flow of information, and maximizes rental availability and rental revenue.

The right equipment inspection solution increases the efficiency and profitability of your rental business.

e-Emphasys Equipment Inspection Software

Transform your equipment rental operations and take the hassle out of check-ins, inspections and check-outs. The user-friendly e-Emphasys eInspection app empowers your staff to improve the speed of rental processes and provide outstanding customer experiences. Such data as equipment availability is updated in real time, reducing human error, miscommunication and delays that could result in lost business.

Solution Capabilities and Benefits

With the e-Emphasys eInspection app, access the data to keep your rental equipment business running anytime from anywhere. View detailed equipment information, including machine configuration details and data about all past check-ins, inspections and check-outs, by scanning a bar code, QA code, or keying in the serial number. Solution capabilities and benefits include:

Real-Time View of Equipment Availability

Increase the productivity of your sales and rental staff and streamline communication between departments with a real-time view of equipment availability, yard assets and shipments.

Reduced Equipment Downtime

Make check-in and check-out processes faster with the ability to capture detailed information and photos with your mobile device and automatically upload them into the system.

Paperless Rental Operations

Eliminate reliance on paper by uploading photos, generating PDF reports, accepting digital signatures, etc., all from mobile devices.

Online and Offline Integration

Perform check-ins, inspections and check-outs in offline mode if an internet or Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, and automatically sync data once your device is back online.

The system has allowed us to go paperless. We can upload all of our documents into the actual contract, so anybody can access it at any time, saving tremendous amount of time looking for paper folders. We have the utilization and the reporting features now, which we can get just by exporting data. It’s much quicker, it’s more efficient, and everybody can access that information.

– Lori Brandon, Senior Rental Manager, Alta Equipment Group

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