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Let’s schedule some time together, so you can see how e-Emphasys by VitalEdge works – and why clients have chosen it to power their dealerships, both large and small and including those with international operations. These are just a few of the reasons e-Emphasys is the dealer management system of choice:

What Do Clients Say About e-Emphasys?

“e-Emphasys demonstrated to us that their system is built on effective business processes, that they’re already taking advantage of the latest technologies, and that they’re looking ahead to what’s next for equipment dealerships. This means we can use their off-the-shelf capabilities and their experience at over 400 locations, globally, to deploy quickly and serve customers better, while better managing our IT costs.”

David Meyer, CEO

“The access to information and the transparency of the data is paramount, and so the biggest benefit I see in e-Emphasys, from my personal use of it, is in the reporting suite. The transparency of the system and it being a robust, real database is really helping with our business intelligence and our reporting. It’s light years ahead of where we came from.”

Ryan Greenawalt, President & CEO