Equipment Dealership Command and Control

The e-Emphasys dealer management platform puts your business at your fingertips at any time from any location. This single yet powerful system controls all your unique processes, eliminating cumbersome bolt-on solutions and empowering your employees in the office and in the field with next-generation technology.

Based on 20+ years of continuous research and development and backed by the largest development team within the industry, e-Emphasys ERP is the most comprehensive software for maximizing equipment dealer efficiency and profitability. It’s the operational backbone of some of the world’s largest dealerships, serving such industries as agriculture, construction, heavy truck and material handling.

Built-in best practices ensure process control and role-based workflows for greater productivity. Real-time data and analytics provide complete visibility across every dealership function, empowering proactive, fact-based decisions. With e-Emphasys, dealership operations are aligned with business strategy so the plans made in the board room are implemented on the shop floor.

e-Emphasys ERP Core Functionality

Some clients have reported up to a 30% reduction in operating costs after implementing e-Emphasys ERP. These improvements can be attributed to the platform’s built-in repository of more than 400 best practices, spanning every core function for successful dealership management. Core business processes are defined, optimized and fine-tuned as necessary to ensure enterprise efficiency and increase profitability. This scalability and flexibility makes your dealership not just future-proof but future-ready.

Integrated Applications

Purpose-built applications, designed to support every role within the dealership, are integrated into the e-Emphasys ERP core platform. They enable additional processes to be digitalized and streamlined, plus provide opportunities to strengthen existing customer relationships and create new revenue streams.

The Right Tools
for Every Role

With e-Emphasys, everyone in the organization can access the right information at the right time and in the right format. Most important, they have data intelligence not only to anticipate issues but to spot opportunities also. Regardless of role – in the front office, the field and across the C-suite – e-Emphasys provides data insights that lead to more efficiency, better customer experiences, and greater profitability.

CEOs & PRESIDENTS: View critical data from across the enterprise through powerful dashboards for actionable insights to streamline operations.

CFOs & FINANCE MANAGERS: Easily analyze precise, real-time financial data from every department all in one place with powerful reporting tools.

CIOs & IT Directors: Use integrated solutions and world-class cloud hosting to automate tasks and reporting, freeing up resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

SERVICE MANAGERS: Automate scheduling and dispatch, optimize your workforce, and shorten the call-to-cash cycle.

SALES MANAGERS: Consolidate and centralize data to better understand potential customers and close more deals.

PARTS MANAGERS: Manage parts sales, order fulfillment, demand forecasting, planning, shortage handling, purchase, returns and warehouse operations.

CREDIT ANALYSTS: Quickly review transactions, block sales, charge late payment fees, and increase credit limits to manage cash flow and risks.

RENTAL MANAGERS: Maximize your rental fleet with specific features that make it easy to manage quotations through invoicing and collection.

WARRANTY MANAGERS: Monitor and manage warranties throughout their lifecycles, including creating, running processing and tracking warranty claims.

Start Realizing the Benefits of e-Emphasys

e-Emphasys is unrivaled for integrating best-in-class technology to meet the specific needs of equipment dealers, distributors and rental companies. The software has been researched and developed with the world’s leading OEMs and dealers, resulting in more than 20 years of proven client success. Thousands of rooftops in more than 20 countries are experiencing these benefits with e-Emphasys:
  • End-to-end operational visibility and control
  • Single source of real-time business truth
  • Scalable and future-proof technology
  • 400+ built-in industry best practices
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Unrivaled business intelligence
  • Multi-language, multi-currency capabilities
  • Azure-based cloud deployment, including hosting, security and disaster recovery

Take Your Equipment Dealership to the Next Level

Start making your equipment dealership goals realities with e-Emphasys.