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Equipment Dealer Business Intelligence Solution

Every organization consumes and produces data. Within it are answers to the questions that determine success or failure. It’s really that simple. 

But becoming a data-driven organization requires the right reporting and analytics tools. All your data has to be harnessed and transformed into timely and relevant information your dealership can use to understand its performance and then make decisions to improve it.

The right BI solution improves dealership decision-making by providing access to the right data at the right time.

Equipment Dealer Business Intelligence Solution

e-Emphasys BI provides an integrated and fully-scalable business analytics solution that supports the entire dealership. It delivers real-time, in-depth reports, dashboards and analytics for effective decision-making, which translates into accomplishing your business objectives and better overall business management.

See exactly what is happening across your dealership with up-to-date information in the format you need. Identify trends and drill down into the details to quickly diagnose cause and effect. 

Solution Capabilities and Benefits

What gets measured tends to improve. With e-Emphasys BI and its tight ERP integration, you and your teams have anytime access to real-time information to empower better, faster decision-making. Some clients have reported that it takes them 90% less time to generate financials, and cash-conversion cycles have improved by 15%.

Role-based, dashboards help users understand what’s happening across their functions for a better grip on dealership performance. Improve bottom lines by focusing on the most profitable activities. Other solution capabilities and benefits include:

Real-Time Data Visualization

Access one central, seamless view of all critical dealership information with graphical, role-based dashboards to drill down into real-time transactional data.

Multi-Dimensional Viewing

Dynamically slice and dice data by branch, OEM, model, line of business, employee title, customer group, customer and more.

Trend Analysis

Look at year-to-date sales, yesterday’s sales, sales from the last five days, daily sales by customer and more to identify trends and better allocate resources.


Use pre-package, industry-specific KPIs, such as AED CODB reports and ARA rental metrics, to gauge performance and identify areas for improvement.

I use the BI Dashboard from e-Emphasys everyday. It’s a refreshing change from the past where I would generally ask once or twice a month how things are going. One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is look at my phone and see what we billed the previous day.

– John Kimball, CEO, Kimball Equipment

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