Heavy Truck

Heavy Truck Dealer Business System

If you’re a heavy truck dealer with sales, leasing, parts, and service operations, you want to take the road to greater efficiency and profitability. A comprehensive software platform to connect your dealership from end to end, developed with processes and best practices specific to your industry sector, will enable you to drive operational improvements – from closing deals to managing parts and scheduling repairs. View your dealership data in real time from any location to make more informed decisions that keep your trucks running and customers happy.

Do You Have the Keys to Heavy Truck Dealership Success?

End-to-end operational visibility and control

Don’t wait for pre-planned check-ins and reports, receive instant notifications and know what’s happening in the moment.   e-Emphasys helps you stay informed about crucial events by monitoring your key metrics in real-time.

Single source of real-time business truth

When you have e-Emphasys, you have all of your most important information in one easy to access place.  Streamlining and simplifying heavy truck operations has never been more effective and effortless.

Scalable and future-proof technology

We employ 300+ developers and continually re-invest in our ERP so we can continually bring you the latest innovations in technology. Even as your business grows, eEmphasys can adapt seamlessly to meet your unique evolving needs. 

Robust reporting and analytics

Our comprehensive set of reporting tools are engineered to bolster data-informed design-marking across every department of your heavy truck dealership. You’ll have access to vital metrics so you can optimize performance and grow your business.

Unrivaled business intelligence

Our unique business process modeling helps you reach your growth goals by documenting enterprise-wide processes for analysis and enhancement, as well as identifying redundancies and opportunities for simplification and streamlining. 

Multi-language, multi-currency capabilities

Whether you want to expand into a new town, territory, or country, e-Emphasys is here to help. Our software can be used across multiple languages and currencies while still giving your employees a unified first-class experience.  

e-Emphasys for Heavy Truck Dealer Management

Heavy truck dealer management software provides complete visibility across functions – from the front office to the back office and into the shop. It gives your sales team access to the customer and prospect information they need to make the most of every interaction and sustain those relationships near and far. It also can automate many of the workflows associated with leasing and fixed operations, including warehouse management – and while eliminating much of the paperwork thanks to online document management.

Our heavy truck dealership management platform can help you take your business to the next level. Ensure you have the parts you need and schedule preventive and road-side service more quickly and effectively. Take advantage of artificial intelligence for troubleshooting and diagnostics to fill in potential skills gaps among your technicians. And if you’ve been thinking about self-service and e-commerce abilities to grow your leasing business, we can help you deploy portals that are easy to set up and manage with plug-and-play architecture.

Heavy truck dealers trust the e-Emphasys dealer management platform to power their businesses and speed up time to market. With its core ERP functionality and related applications, these dealerships can transform their operations and establish a firm foundation for future growth. e-Emphasys ERP offers the heavy truck industry modern software tools that streamline processes and ensure adherence to industry best practices to better serve customers and boost overall dealership performance.

What Do Heavy Truck Dealer Clients Say About e-Emphasys?

We knew we needed to modernize our business operations to best meet and exceed the needs of our customers and partners. We considered multiple ERP solutions with e-Emphasys ERP hands down having the most robust, end-to-end capabilities to support our business needs today and scalable for future growth.

- Bradley Nuss, Executive Vice President & CFO, Nuss Truck & Equipment