Benefits, by Role

e-Emphasys Warranty Management enables dealerships to create, run, process and track warranty claims through their full lifecycles.

  • Monitor and track the various warranties (standard, extended, power train, premier etc.) for your own and customer-owned equipment
  • Proactively alert service foremen and managers of equipment under warranty
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Keep track of the entire life-cycle of a warranty claim—from the time the claim is opened by the service department, and filing it to the OEM, to approvals/denials of the claim
  • Get clear visibility of each claim in its processing cycle through various claim status indicators
  • Enable document management tools to link all supporting claim documents such as pictures, photos of the faulty parts, etc.
  • BI Dashboards enable users to have a 360-degree view of the warranty expenses and revenues, with the ability to segregate anomalies and highlight repetitive phenomena
  • Maintain complete claims history, including:
    • Submitted amounts to OEM
    • Amounts recovered from OEM
    • Amounts denied

Streamline Warranty Management

e-Emphasys ERP offers a complete, robust, and fully integrated solution than can help you:

  • Leverage warranty management as a strategic advantage
  • Manage, monitor and process electronic claims for OEM, third-party and internal warranties, including policy warranties
  • Manage multiple warranties based on time periods or meter readings for units that include the individual Dealer and OEM warranties

Reduce Warranty Claim Rejections

e-Emphasys ERP helps you maximize profits from warranties by leveraging the power of integrated warranty workflows, streamlined processes, enriched data and active warranty intelligence.

e-Emphasys ERP can help you:

  • Maintain OEM specific warranty rates for parts and labor
  • Ensure accurate claim submissions with higher probability of approvals from OEMs
  • Improve cash flow and reduce warranty A/R aging, eliminating rate disputes

Analyze the Profitability of Your Warranty Claims

The e-Emphasys ERP Warranty Management dashboard provides detailed insight into
claim recovery ratio by OEM, denied claims by OEM, etc.


  • Claim analysis reports, providing immediate information on claim status, claim aging etc.
  • Tight integration with finance module, enabling automatic tracking of outstanding claims in AR with approved claims automatically being tracked in the AP module
  • Accurate claim profitability analysis by systematically updating the books for claim revenue and expenses
  • With powerful BI dashboards, warranty managers have a 360 degree view of warranty expenses and revenues, with the ability to segregate anomalies, highlight repetitive phenomenon and much more

Book Warranty Reserves

e-Emphasys ERP gives you the ability to book warranty reserves against specific equipment units. These reserves can be utilized if the warranty claims are denied by the OEM, or as goodwill expenses for customers.

“With e-Emphasys we’ve been able to close our accounts receivable warranty claims much quicker, therefore reducing the warranty losses.”

– Janice Moeller, Director of Corporate Systems, Scott-Macon Equipment Company


Reduction in Warranty Receivables Losses

Reduction in Time to File a Warranty Claim

Improvement in Cash Conversion Cycle


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