Improve Customer Satisfaction and Drive Sales

Are you struggling to get your sales team on the same page? Do you utilize multiple spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and old-school rolodexes? e-Emphasys Sales & CRM Management helps to consolidate and centralize your data, helping you better understand potential customers, close more deals, and keep your team informed, in the office or in the field.

Keeping up with new and existing relationships, market share, and closing data can easily get lost in the day-to-day. e-Emphasys ERP provides complete, seamless integration with Equipment Dealer CRM to equip your sales staff with the tools to succeed.

Empower Your Team

Give your sales staff full mobile access to:

    • All important customer information
    • Equipment configuration & availability
    • Pricing information
    • Trade-in values
    • And more

Sales Workflows

Engage customers efficiently with productive communication tools and seamless communication channels between peers and managers. e-Emphasys sales workflows and alerts ensure you deliver excellent customer experiences that are easily replicated across the organization.

Close Deals Faster

With intuitive, built-in CPQ (configure, price and quote) tools, e-Emphasys enables sales reps to:

    • Quickly configure equipment based on customer requirements
    • Efficiently manage multiple versions of quotes, financing options, OEM discounts, cost of sales accruals, and trade over-allowance tracking
    • Generate proposals in real-time, and offline in disconnected mode

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensively track and monitor the entire sales pipeline, and improve decision making with powerful analytics on equipment portfolios, market share, lost/successful equipment sales, and more. Balanced scorecards and KPIs provide visibility of performance against target and history, enabling better management of sales performance within branches, models, sales teams, or individual sales reps.

“Our customer satisfaction with e-Emphasys has definitely increased as we are able to get information. We’re able to get real-time looks at inventories and get answers to our customers when they’re sitting right in front of us in the office.”

–  Jon Shilling, CEO and President, General Equipment & Supplies


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