Equipment Dealer ERP Software

Make Data-Driven Decisions, & Drive Revenue

Streamline all the divisions of your equipment dealership. Funnel critical data into powerful dashboards to get actionable insight into your operations.

You run a multi-faceted enterprise with lots of moving pieces. Without the right tools in place, you’re likely to miss out on important opportunities and may fail to identify weaknesses within your organization. The e-Emphasys ERP solution allows you to streamline all divisions of your equipment business and funnel the data into dashboards for actionable insights into your operations.

Fast & Efficient Implementation

Some ERP solutions can take as long as 30 months to implement. Who can wait that long for critical business systems? Using our proven fast-deployment methodology, e-Emphasys ERP can be successfully implemented in as few as 4 months.

Put the Focus Back on Your Customer

The e-Emphasys ERP solution is designed to maintain, generate, and display customer data so that your employees have access to the most accurate, up to date information possible. This level of detail increases your ability to provide exceptional customer service and creates a loyal customer base.

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Flexibility in our implementation proccess allows us to fit the solution to the unique business characteristics of any dealer. In addition, e-Emphasys ERP modules can be customized to fit your evolving business practices, allowing your organization to look for new ways to improve processes and increase efficiency.

KPIs and Customer Data at Your Fingertips

Monitor your key metrics over time and compare them to original estimates from a single dashboard, with the ability to dig deeper into individual metrics or regions.

“The built-in business practices within e-Emphasys ERP allowed our business to focus on creating efficiency and improving communication between our 16 locations. In less than a year, our efficiency and productivity matrix has gone up and our revenues have grown by 32%.”

–  John Coughlin, President, Linder Industrial Machinery Company


Reduction in Selling, General and Administrative Expenses

Reduction in Inventory Carrying Costs

Increase in Service Revenue


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