Equipment Dealership CRM Best Practices

How to Get Ahead In the Equipment Rental and Distribution Industry

In today’s equipment distribution and rental industry, companies have to take advantage of data-driven, integrated CRM platforms to stay ahead of the competition. Everyone wants to ensure repeat business, but building lifetime customer loyalty is far from an easy task.

With an increased focus on user experience and customer satisfaction, it’s never been more important for equipment dealers and rental companies to strategize and operate around the customer. Equipment Dealer CRM Software provides the necessary tools and features to track, follow, and meet clients’ needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provide a complete view of every customer touch point across an organization’s sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams. Greater communication, targeting, and tracking enable organizations to serve clients more diligently, understanding their needs at every level. Many of your employees also need real-time, in-depth customer insights to seize every opportunity and effectively turn leads into sales.

Thanks to Equipment Dealership CRM Software, your sales force will consistently be up-to-date on every customer interaction and every piece of equipment, ensuring opportunities don’t slip through the cracks.

Equipment Dealer CRM has been adopted by the sales departments of forward-thinking equipment dealers and rental companies worldwide. Take advantage of the following best practices to get the most out of your sales department. Detailed customer profiles and sales productivity tools can help users to identify opportunities to maximize the impact of each interaction and streamline sales activities.

With Rental Management Software, equipment dealers and rental companies have full visibility into their entire rental department. Personalized operational and executive dashboards bring detailed


Have a Complete 360º View of Your Customers

For equipment distribution and rental companies, the customer should be the center of all operations and activities. If your customer isn’t satisfied, the success of your organization is at risk of decline and/or failure. Dealers must have complete visibility to understand and diligently meet, and exceed their customers’ expectations.

e-Emphasys CRM Software is equipped with the native ability to track and monitor detailed information about all customers and their respective fleets. Details of all sales activities from each meeting, offer, and interaction provides a complete 360º breakdown of customer histories and related equipment configuration.

Complete Visibility Provides Greater Accessibility

Additionally, organizations benefit from a general overview of their customers and equipment, with specific insight on service and rental contracts. Complete visibility of clients gives dealers more detailed customer rental history and equipment information, as well as the capability to predict future customer behavior and potential needs.

With greater access and functionality, Equipment Dealer CRM is revolutionizing how companies run their sales department. Real-time reporting and analytics are delivered to your organization through graphical dashboards, and dealers are equipped to monitor personalized KPIs.

Complete 360 visibility of your customers gives you access to:

  • Latest reports on a daily basis
  • Price lists
  • Finance options
  • Amortization charts
  • Customer credit information split by the line of business


Improve Work Order and Quote Management

The responsibilities and tasks of your sales force rely heavily on managing quotes and work orders efficiently. In order to do so, Equipment Dealer CRM Software enhances your organization’s sales processes (as well as work order and quote management details).

e-Emphasys Dealership CRM Software enables organizations to improve quoting processes by generating all-inclusive proposals with equipment, attachments, rental, service, trade-ins, and more.

Within the system, dealers can edit the list prices of items while building sales and rental quotes. Customizable deal sheets provide structured needs analysis – as well as configuration of quotes and orders – with the capability of converting accepted quotes directly into orders.

Sales quotes can include allow and disallow write-in warranties quotes with our Warranty Management Software.


Capitalize on Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

To capitalize on every cross-selling and upselling opportunity, equipment dealers and rental companies require seamless engagement between the employee and client. Equipment Dealership CRM Software provides organizations the ability to approach all scenarios with proactive tracking capabilities and real-time views of the customers’ fleet.

Full visibility of all sales activities, equipment configurations, and customer histories within the system lead to upsells, as the staff is empowered to engage customers with extensive knowledge regarding their needs. Automated, data-driven CRM ensures that accounts are not neglected or forgotten anywhere in the sales cycle. Every piece of equipment is tracked in the platform, giving you more opportunities to cross-sell attachments and upsell replacements as equipment ages.


Enhance the Workflow of Employees

Data plays an integral part in the decision-making process for organizations, and the ability to effectively share data across the company is equally important for your success. Data reporting and KPIs (e.g. revenue, profit) are available for your entire team via Equipment Dealer CRM.

Within this system, sales staff have viewing and editing capabilities (depending on authorization) while connecting from any device via MS Office/Outlook Integrations. Staff members can receive an overview of customers and equipment (with visibility of all service and rental contracts), but CRM also affords you the option to hide cost details for restricted roles.

In this case, executives can choose specific capabilities for specific users if there is any sensitive data. Whether you choose to utilize restrictions or not, data is available to be shared throughout the entire company, optimizing your communication and allowing you to become a proactive, data-driven organization.


Improve Data Sharing

In order to maximize your sales department’s efficiency, your employees need to take a focused and guided approach with their workflows. Our Equipment Dealer CRM Software structures the complete sales cycle in an organized way, allowing your sales personnel to proactively manage and engage with each client.

With enhanced workflows and optimum sales-force productivity, organizations benefit from quicker product deliveries, faster billing of customers, and much more.

Additionally, Equipment Dealer CRM utilizes multi-level approval workflows for proposals and orders that exceed discounting thresholds, leading to more accurate proposals and more satisfied clients.


Increase Mobility Across the Organization

Equipment Dealer CRM Software is compatible with numerous devices to keep your employees connected anywhere, at any time. With complete access and mobility, your sales force is always able to deliver instant insights and recommendations during each customer interaction. Viewing available equipment to rent and sell directly through your mobile device ensures that your company never misses an opportunity.

Your CRM Software must take connectivity (or the lack thereof) into consideration, as job sites and mobile devices can occasionally present network issues. Having an offline mode available allows your employees to work in the CRM system, even when a connection is unavailable. All work is saved and synced when the system comes back online.


Reduce Manual Processes and Streamline Your Business Processes

As technology in the equipment industry continues to advance, dealers and rental companies should utilize automated processes to enhance productivity and eliminate tedious tasks. Data entry, duplication, and scheduling are a few activities that are transformed through automation of Equipment Dealer CRM Software.

Your sales personnel never miss a call or meeting with Equipment Dealer CRM Software. The sales staff can create on-site quotes, and other daily tasks and functions no longer require numerous manual processes. As a result, customers have consistent follow-ups and your sales team is always ahead of the curve.

Sales teams have the option to fetch cost prices and list prices from parent models using comprehensive pricing structures in Equipment Dealer CRM. The flexibility of the system gives many pricing capabilities such as:

  • Multiple pricing methods (e.g. customer branch, OEM, product class, commodity code, product category)
  • Multiple levels of discounts
  • Multiple currencies
  • Different price books (e.g. list, trade, fleet, wholesale)
  • Effective and expiration dates to manage limited promotions


Look After Your Customers (Pre-Sale and Post-Sale)

Successful dealers utilize a Dealer Management System (DMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Solutions like these provide efficiency and optimization of many functional processes that dealers and rental companies require. As the ERP acts as the backbone of your business operations and financials, it is incredibly important to fully integrate your CRM and ERP for maximum benefits.

Seamless integration enables collaboration between the two systems, resulting in major CRM-ERP integration benefits – like shared data with employees, increased visibility of comprehensive sales reporting, win-loss analysis, goal management, and market intelligence.

CRM Software can encounter difficulties if both systems are unable to properly function together, so it’s important to have a modern DMS in place. All updates and sales activities need to be consolidated in one central repository, which can easily be done by our Dealership Management System.

Why is CRM-ERP Integration So Crucial?

Your customers require excellent service and product support both before and after the sale has been made. The best dealerships around the world place an emphasis on looking after their previous customers because they know that repeat business occurs when customers feel valued.

With relevant information available for your sales staff, you can spontaneously respond to customers, meeting their needs and expectations in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction and service levels are drastically improved by the responsiveness of your staff as they look after customers throughout the entire sales cycle and thereafter.

See How e-Emphasys Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re in the process of updating or simply evaluating our Equipment Dealer CRM Software, be sure to take advantage of these tried-and-true business practices!

CRM Best Practices:

  1. Have a Complete 360 View of Your Customers
  2. Improve Work Order and Quote Management
  3. Capitalize on Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities
  4. Enhance The Workflow of Employees
  5. Improve Data Sharing
  6. Increase Mobility Across the Organization
  7. Reduce Manual Processes and Get On with Business
  8. Look After Your Customers – Pre-Sale and Post-Sale


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