Molson Group Customer Success Story

Learn Why Molson Group Selected e-Emphasys as Its Partner for Digital Transformation

Founded in 1996, Molson Group the UK’s largest independent new and used equipment dealers. While headquartered in Bristol, Molson Group has 1depots across the UK.  Over the last several years, Molson has grown exceptionally. Group Finance Director, Jason Powles, explained, “We’ve doubled revenue since 2017” Molson prides itself in offering the best brands in the market and supporting that with top quality aftermarket service. Their vision is to become the Tier One supplier within the UK. 

Molson Group

Headquartered: Bristol, England, UK

Founded: 1996

Locations: 13 Locations throughout the UK

Industries:  New and Used Equipment

OEMs: Kobelco


With their previous system, Molson experienced several issues including lag in information.  “One of the things we’ve identified over the last year or two in particular is that the systems we had in place couldn’t support us on that growth anymore. They were not flexible and adaptable enough to meet customer’s requirements for new technology,” Rhys Gardner, Group Financial Controller, explained.  

“We couldn’t get data out,” said Jason Powles about Molson’s previous system, “There were various work-arounds; it was totally inefficient“. He continued to explain that “We were making decisions as a business, probably more on gut feel than on data we could trust. It came to a point where, unless we did something and changed the system from a technology perspective and make ourselves future-proof, then it was probably going to cripple the business and not allow the growth that we want to see going forward.”


Molson Group was attracted to e-Emphasys not only because it is leading-edge and future-proof but also for its scalable capabilities. It was important to the that they find a partner who was flexible and adaptable enough to meet customers’ requirements for new technology. “One of the things that is most important with any significant investment in a new system is that you’re able to get pay back on the system,” explained, Rhys Gardner. He went on to explain that they believe they can get a return on their investment with e-Emphasys because of the quality and speed to which they can receive information and use it to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Benefits & Results

Molson Group was able to go-live in four short months and began seeing improvements from day 1 with e-Emphasys. “The experience with the implementation team went really well. They were really knowledgeable and really listened to what we wanted to achieve and get out of the system,” explained Operations Transformation Manager, Amy McNab. Martyn Tuckerthe Group Service Director, echoed a similar message, “e-Emphasys supplied us with the resources required to make sure that the system was installed efficiently and as pain free as possible. We’re very happy with the support they have given us”.

We can now analyze our parts and distribution at the click of a button, and it’s really allowed us to improve efficiencies. e-Emphasys has allowed us to increase our revenue, but ultimately has allowed us to improve our service delivery.

- Shaun Guy, Parts Manager, Molson Group

“This is an amazing feature if the system,” said Martyn Tucker about the eServiceTech mobile application.We will increase productivity of our engineers, it will speed up our invoicing, it will speed up our claiming with the manufacturers. This is critical when you’re trying to control the costs of a service center,” he added.  

“The BI tool that we’ve acquired through e-Emphasys is going to change the way we operate,” said Jason Powles. He continued, “It’s real-time information coming from the system. Today, I log on to the system and understand what invoices have been raised, what’s the cashflow forecast, how many parts we’ve got in tock, what the machine levels are, at the touch of a button. Previously, on out old system, that would take a lot of data manipulation. Now, with one version of the truth and the data being live, it’s going to considerably increase the performance of the business. I think as a tool for us as a business, it’s going to empower us to make the growth that we want”.  

Molson Group has been very pleased with its partnership with e-Emphasys. “The truth is I can’t but recommend it. It is a market-leading product,” Jason Powles explained, “Because they are a dealer system, and not a bespoke ERP system, the benefits you get from day one is realized almost instantly. The best practices that they have from the hundreds of dealers they represent around the globe; we’re already seeing the benefit from that”. 

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