Increase Technician Profitability

e-Emphasys ERP helps you streamline your scheduling and dispatch, optimize your workforce, and shorten the call-to-cash cycle. With e-Emphasys Service Management, dealers and rental companies improve efficiency of service managers with intuitive technician scheduling capabilities. Additionally, shop and field technicians streamline their regular service tasks with technological capabilities such as invoicing from the field for quick payments, comprehensive job information at their fingertips and elimination of duplicate data entry.

e-Emphasys Service Management empowers dealerships and rental firms to optimize customer service, reduce equipment downtime and increase the efficiency of your service department.

Increase Access & Visibility

Service managers gain greater control of the service department with improved visibility of operations and real-time access to data. e-Emphasys Service Management Software increases the chance of first time fixes, and optimizes technician utilization by providing:

    • Complete access to service repair history, customer history, warranty information, and more, directly from the field
    • Visibility into technician assignments, locations, parts availability and more
    • Geo-spatial location tools to find technicians in the field and assign properly skilled technicians to jobs.

Reduce Paperwork

e-Emphasys has been proven to drastically reduce the time your technicians spend doing paperworking, increasing employee satisfaction and billable technician time. e-Emphasys ERP provides your technicians the following capabilities, resulting in quick turnarounds and quick invoicing from your enterprise:

    • Accurate collection of mechanic’s time spent on work orders speeds up time to invoice and eliminates labor-time data entry errors
    • Sharing and annotating images of equipment
    • Capturing customer signatures directly from worksites

Put the Focus Back on Your Customer

e-Emphasys Dealer Management Software is designed to maintain, generate, and display customer data for your employees to access the most accurate, up-to-date information. This level of detail increases your ability to provide exceptional customer service, creating a loyal customer base in the process. Service managers focus on their customers with the following Service Management capabilities:

    • Track and monitor service truck inventory to identify excess parts and proactive replenishment
    • Receive quick dispatch alerts, update unit meter readings, and more
    • Capture digital customer signatures and automatically track mileage
    • Comprehensive cause, complaint, coverage, and solution tracking
    • Learn more about Field Service Software

Improve Scheduling

Increase your first-time-fix rates by scheduling the right technician, for the right job, with the right parts. With e-Emphasys scheduling and dispatch, service managers can:

    • Easily drag-and-drop work assignments to technicians with rich, interactive and configurable dispatch consoles
    • View work orders based on different data filters such as unassigned, priority, service, branch, foreman, customer, and more
    • Assign multiple technicians to a work order
    • Assign technicians based on factors such as proximity and skill level
    • And more

“Pre e-Emphasys, our technicians were spending hours and hours on their paperwork every day. Post e-Emphasys, they’re spending approximately 15 to 30 minutes a day getting all their paperwork done.”

– Steve Stafki, VP of Service at General Equipment and Supplies


Increase in Service Revenue

Increase in Billable Service Tech Time

WIP Improvement


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