Equipment Dealer ERP Software

Dealer Management Software Platform

More than simply installing the software, our professionals prioritize your organization’s business objectives and interlace operational and management consulting into their approach. With e-Emphasys you have access to Best Business Practices that enable you to address the demands of the industry.

e-Emphasys has the largest R&D team in the industry that has already spent more than 20,000 man hours in keeping its business system updated continuously; incorporating every strategic need of the equipment industry. Steadfast focus of the industry and 24 x 7 support by IT professionals with extensive industry experience.

Improve Efficiency

Your valuable IT resources can redirect their efforts and focus their energies on business operations, instead of getting mired in operational IT issues. With e-Emphasys you can optimize efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Industry Knowledge

With over 10 years of experience as a leading Heavy Equipment Dealership ERP Solution, e-Emphasys has developed a repository of Industry Best Business Practices. With e-Emphasys you don’t just get award winning software, you also get proven industry experience to guide you through any difficulties.

Guaranteed Uptime

e-Emphasys employs dedicated professionals that are responsible for managing and updating your production environment. We follow established IT protocols that ensure high availability of our systems. Reduction in down-time means you can focus your time on growing you business.

Outsource Basic Tasks

When you outsource routine tasks like back-ups and system maintenance to e-Emphasys, your team can spend more time focusing on strategic business objectives, such as end-user requirements for Mobility, BI, etc.

“The cost to implement e-Emphasys ERP was one-third to one-fifth the cost of all the other enterprise solutions we reviewed. Our legacy system required almost an entire IT resource dedicated to overnight processing and tasks related to data extraction for reports. Now, our users are empowered with their own personalized dashboards so they can get the reports they need, when they need them.”

–  Eric Strid, Director of IT, Linder Industrial Machinery Company


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