For Equipment Dealers & Rental Companies

Power Your Dealership Where the Job Takes You


Integrated Mobile Field Service Application

Real-Time Dispatch Notifications

Have a technician on-site within minutes!

GPS Integration

Detailed routing information gets technicians to the job site faster

On-Site Reporting

Parts and labor can be reported against the work order before leaving the customer site

Less Hassle for Customers

Technicians can get a digital signature from customers on-site

Update Information in Real-Time

eServiceTech allows technician to submit repair notes from the field

Mobile Upload

Upload images of repairs with annotations and notes

Reduce Paperwork

Technicians can record field notes through a voice-to-text converter

Shorten the Call-to-Cash Cycle

Provide technicians with everything they need to do the job, directly onto their mobile device


Integrated Sales Application Gives You All of Your Customer Data in One Place

Gain New Insights

Combine transaction data with intelligent analytics for a whole new view of your customer data

Ready Access

Access information about your equipment, rentals and parts inventory from anywhere, whenever the customer needs

Detailed Unit Information

For every piece of equipment in your inventory, including all relevant configuration data

Real-Time Parts Information

For every spare part in your inventory, including specific warehouse-based availability

Enterprise-Wide Rental Availability

Find out the rental availability of any model or unit, including attachments

In-Depth Customer Information, All in One Place

Quickly find all the transaction, rental, service, and parts information for every customer interaction


Integrated eCommerce Portals for Your Customers

Seamless Integration

Any interactions on ePortal are immediately reflected on e-Emphasys ERP

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers have access to information on stock, orders, delivery status, equipment, rentals and credit status

Reduce Selling Costs

ePortal eliminates the need for manual quotes and hard-copy catalogues

Meet Your Customer's Needs

ePortal’s Equipment Portal, Rental Portal, Services Portal, Parts Portal and Finance Module makes your dealership a one-stop shop for all customer needs, 24 hours a day

Drive Revenue

Powerful e-Commerce tools allows your dealership to run, even when you’re off the clock

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