e360: Unparalleled Customer Data & Analytics at Your Fingertips

In the office or on the go, unparalleled data and analytics are at your fingertips. e360 provides your executives and sales team on the road, instant access to real-time customer and inventory information.
An all-in-one, user-friendly mobile application, it enables a 360° view of the customer profile, equipment, recent transactions, service & rentals, parts inventory, credit history, and much more.

e360 brings in all the critical information, and presents it on one integrated application, to empower your sales team with real-time, actionable data. e360 enables your sales team to quickly respond to customer needs, by making accurate and informed decisions. The intuitive user-interface makes things easy for your staff in the field, and is available on-line or off-line, in cases where your team does not have access to the Internet. Senior Management and Customer Relationship Managers too can access an unparalleled amount of information and valuable insights on their mobile phones, iPads or Android tablets.


Gain Complete 360° Visibility

Actionable & Relevant Data

Empower your sales team with critical information for accurate and informed decision-making

Unrivaled Customer Experiences

Empower your sales team to deliver excellent results with intuitive interfaces and real-time customer data

Cross-Sell & Upsell Opportunities

Gain new opportunities and insights by combining transactional data with intelligent analytics



View all product categories, including equipment models, attachments, and components. Filter by manufacturer, line of business, model codes, fleet status, and current equipment office


View customer and contract details of rented equipment. View equipment details based on model code or unit number


Search one or more parts with combination of part code, part description, and manufacturers. Get real-time views of quotes, invoices, order history, pending order, and transactions across departments


View customer account information such as payment terms, credit analysis, credit rating, home currency, balances/limits, yearly sales, aging analysis, and receivables

“Our customer satisfaction with e-Emphasys has definitely increased as we are able to get information. We’re able to get real-time looks at inventories and get answers to our customers when they’re sitting right in front of us in the office.”

–  Jon Shilling, CEO and President, General Equipment & Supplies


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