eVA: Cutting-Edge AI Technology Your Technicians Can Depend On

This intuitive, user-friendly application helps technicians diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently, increasing technician productivity and reducing training time.

In today’s world, the number one issue facing dealers is the shortage of skilled Service technicians. The eService Virtual Assistant (eVA) reduces this problem by bridging the gap between skills and experience with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. eVA provides guided troubleshooting and suggested parts requirements, and assigns probability based on knowledge gained from historical work order activities. The more you rely on eVA, the smarter and more reliable it becomes, leveraging Machine Learning to increase accuracy and profitability. eVA provides intelligent insight on job data for repairs, including parts, time and skill requirements, for standard and non-standard tasks which may not be provided by OEM’s. Drawing on the accumulated knowledge of your technicians, eVA provides a Service knowledge base that turns decades of experience into actionable insight.


Boost Your Field Service Efficiency

Increase Technician Productivity

eVA leverages AI and Machine Learning to help technicians get to the root of the problem quickly, listing the cause of failure and possible solutions in order of probability with auto-filtering based on specific model or product category

Helping You Bridge the Gap

eVA bridges the gap between skills and experience, providing a Service knowledge base that helps technicians improve performance and shorten training time. Drawing on the accumulated knowledge of your senior technicians, eVA turns decades of experience into actionable insight.

Maximize Profitability

According to the Associated Equipment Distributors, the heavy equipment technician shortage is costing the equipment distribution industry over $2.4 billion in potential revenue each year. That’s approximately $300,000 per technician. eVA helps to shorten training time and improve the performance of your technicians, providing a competitive advantage and ensuring you maximize the profitability of your Service department


The Industry's First Practical Application of AI

e-Emphasys has developed a proprietary Information Retrieval Algorithm to create eVa, giving it the ability to capture complex search phrases, analyze them to extract the meaning, and then deliver the right solutions

Increase the Efficiency of your Service Department

Artificial Intelligence identifies the most cost-effective solution, improving service profitability

Compatible with any Business System

eVA can be integrated with the eServiceTech mobile app or deployed as a standalone solution, regardless of your business system provider

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