For More Than 20 Years

e-Emphasys has more than 20 years of experience as an industry-leader focused exclusively on providing a proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for dealership and rental companies in the heavy equipment industry. e-Emphasys has the robust technology and implementation experience required to meet the specific needs of your business. Over a decade of experience as an industry leader has enabled e-Emphasys to develop more than 350 best business process that cover every facet of the dealership and rental business, including parts counter, rental returns, core handling, and many more. e-Emphasys’ unrivaled ERP incorporates a ready-made repository of industry best business processes for innovation, quality, and sustainability of a forward-looking company. Each process helps to improve efficiency, which reduces operating cost at every level of your business.


Proven Tools To Optimize Efficiency And Enhance Profitability

Our Business Process Modeling Tool integrates with your core business processes to align operations with business strategy and turn your company’s vision into a reality. Our integrated graphical tool allows customers the flexibility to fine-tune existing best business processes, or redefine them from the beginning. With e-Emphasys you are assured that everyone in your organization can access the right information, at the right time, and in the right format. This ensures that every aspect of the business operates efficiently.

e-Emphasys helps our customers achieve excellence by:

  • Align operations with business strategy
  • Improve operational efficiency and consistency
  • Increase control and visibility
  • Improve processes and streamline operations
  • Enable interactive training
  • Accelerate solution deployment
  • Increase customer service and satisfaction
  • Tighten controls, ensuring plans made in the boardroom are carried out at every level of operations

e-Emphasys is guaranteed to give your company a competitive advantage through proven, future-proof software and industry best business practices.


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