Leading equipment dealers and rentals companies choose the e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform to gain a competitive advantage and maximize ROI. Its full suite of dealer management software solutions eliminate cumbersome bolt-on solutions and empower your employees in the office and in the field with next-generation technology. Real-time data and analytics provide complete visibility at every level of operations, empowering management to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

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Sales Management

Sales teams are only as strong as the sales management system that supports them. Keeping up with new and existing relationships, market share and closing data can easily get lost in the day to day. Your sales team is one of the most important parts of your enterprise, keep them informed with e-Emphasys Sales Management.

e-Emphasys Sales Management gives your sales staff full access to all important customer intelligence, equipment configuration, pricing information, equipment availability, trade-in values and much more—all from their mobile device.

With built-in intuitive CPQ (configure, price and quote), e-Emphasys enables sales reps to quickly configure equipment as per customer requirements, and generate proposals on the spot, both in real-time and disconnected mode.

With the ability to generate proposals in real-time, from anywhere, you’ll never lose a sale due to lack of information.

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Fleet Management

e-Emphasys Fleet Management enables dealerships and rental companies to maximize equipment availability, performance, utilization and ROI.

e-Emphasys Fleet Management manages all aspects of the fleet throughout the equipment life-cycle, including configuration, life-cycle cost and revenue; maintenance; inspection; certification; tracking of location, vehicle movement and meter reading; availability and status tracking; financing; insurance, and depreciation.

e-Emphasys Fleet Management provides a single-window tracking of end-to-end life-cycle cost and revenue for each unit, including its landed cost, value-added cost, rental revenue, depreciation, interest charges, etc.

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Warranty Management

e-Emphasys Warrant Management helps you maximize profits from warranties by leveraging the power of integrated warranty workflows, streamlined processes, enriched data and active warranty intelligence. Warranty Management is proven to help dealers and rental companies maintain OEM specific warranty rates for parts and labor, ensure accurate claim submissions with higher probability of approvals from OEMs, improve cash flow and reduce warranty A/R aging, eliminating rate disputes, and more.

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Service Management

e-Emphasys Service Management enables dealerships and rental firms to optimize customer service, reduce equipment downtime and turn the service department into a profit center.

It helps dealerships to effectively plan, schedule, and manage resources, to improve service processes and customer satisfaction. It offers tightly integrated functionality to automate and optimize end-to-end OEM warranty and claim processes.

e-Emphasys Service Management solution allows companies to leverage the internet and mobile technologies for effective communication that helps receiving and transmitting real-time updates between service supervisors and field mechanics.

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Rental Management

e-Emphasys Rental Management enables dealerships to plan, operate, monitor, and improve rental operations, to increase profitability and enhance customer service.

e-Emphasys integrates the rental department with all other functions. Rental Management supports multi-site rental operations, optimizing utilization across branches. It provides flexible pricing and price simulation options, to support advanced pricing schemes with multiple price and discount variables.

e-Emphasys caters to a variety of contract types (rent to rent, rent to sell and lease).

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Finance Management

e-Emphasys Finance Management helps dealerships manage, control and optimize the financial health of their organizations, with improved cash flow and bottom-line results.

e-Emphasys Finance Management tightly integrates the equipment sales and rental, service, parts, inventory, and procurement functions into a real-time financial view of business operations. It supports dealer invoicing, cash collection, financial budgeting, and fixed asset management. It provides a comprehensive financial reporting capability.

e-Emphasys Finance Management is a multi-site, multi-currency financial solution. It meets global GAAP standards, and supports analysis of balance sheets, P&L and cash flow, in real-time, across multiple dimensions.

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Parts Management

e-Emphasys Parts & Inventory Management helps dealerships increase parts sales, improve customer service and operational efficiency, and keep inventory levels low. It is a complete, robust, and fully integrated solution to manage parts sales, order fulfillment, demand forecasting, planning, shortage handling, purchase, returns and warehouse operations.

e-Emphasys Parts & Inventory Management supports efficient over-the-counter sales next to its advanced quote-to-cash process. It closely integrates with OEM and after-market parts supplier systems for fast and accurate pricing, ordering and delivery.

e-Emphasys Parts & Inventory Management keeps track of parts genealogy and recommends parts alternatives, or alternative sources in case of shortage. It facilitates the listing of critical replacement parts, special or hard to obtain parts from primary and secondary market. The advanced parts forecasting and planning engine optimizes inventory and service levels.

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Supplier Management

e-Emphasys Supplier Management helps dealerships streamline the buying process, increase operational efficiency, keep inventory levels low, and focus on optimizing the vendor relationship and performance.

e-Emphasys Supplier Management supports and optimizes the entire procure-to-pay process for equipment as well as parts. It closes the loop with equipment sales, parts planning and shortage handling, and greatly enhances order accuracy, delivery performance and operational efficiency.

The electronic availability of requests for quotations, supplier quotes and evaluation, supplier contracts, vendor rating of past performance, Approved Supplier Lists (ASLs), price books, alternative parts and sources of supply, and automated order processing in e-Emphasys, represent key enablers for your purchasing department.

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Equipment Distribution Best Practices

e-Emphasys has nearly 20 years of experience as an industry-leader focused exclusively on providing a proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for dealership and rental companies in the equipment distribution industry. e-Emphasys has the robust technology and implementation experience required to meet the specific needs of your business. Decades of experience as an industry leader has enabled e-Emphasys to develop more than 350 best business process that cover every facet of the dealership and rental business, including parts counter, rental returns, core handling, and many more. e-Emphasys’ unrivaled ERP incorporates a ready-made repository of industry best business processes for innovation, quality, and sustainability of a forward-looking company. Each process helps to improve efficiency, which reduces operating cost at every level of your business.

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