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Feature: AED’s CED Magazine “A Closer Look: e-Emphasys Puts Its Emphasis on Customer Success”

e-Emphasys Technologies has spent the last 20 years with a specific goal in mind: providing modern, cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions to equipment dealers and rental companies. e-Emphasys is a global industry enterprise solution provider with customers in over 20 countries, providing a fully integrated, end-to-end ERP solution to optimize efficiency and drive revenue…


Leveraging Technology to Modernize Your Equipment Dealership

Equipment dealers in today’s world must find ways to stay competitive. Technology is advancing rapidly, and the most successful and profitable companies are harnessing modern technology to stay ahead of the competition. Off-Highway Research is projecting equipment sales in North America to rise 6% in 2017, and a further 9% by 2018. By 2020, sales of equipment are expected to reach $89.3 billion worldwide. Are you confident in your dealerships ability to grow and adapt to ensure you’re maximizing your market share?