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Leveraging Technology to Modernize Your Equipment Dealership

Equipment dealers in today’s world must find ways to stay competitive. Technology is advancing rapidly, and the most successful and profitable companies are harnessing modern technology to stay ahead of the competition. Off-Highway Research is projecting equipment sales in North America to rise 6% in 2017, and a further 9% by 2018. By 2020, sales of equipment are expected to reach $89.3 billion worldwide. Are you confident in your dealerships ability to grow and adapt to ensure you’re maximizing your market share?


ARA Rental Metrics

The American Rental Association (ARA) is pleased to announce that e-Emphasys Technologies, a software company serving the equipment rental industry, has achieved ARA Rental Market Metrics™ certification. ARA Rental Market Metrics provides equipment rental companies with a consistent way of calculating, benchmarking and reporting critical performance measures. It defines industry standards for the definition of a day, original equipment cost (OEC) and for the calculation of time or physical utilization of equipment, financial utilization, fleet age and percentage change in period-over-period rental rates…