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COVID & XAPPS Blog Series: e-Emphasys Mobile Applications

This blog post is the first in a series that will deep dive into each of the e-Emphasys mobile applications, drawing out the benefits they provide in a post-COVID world. In this first blog, we will evaluate the impact COVID-19 has had on service departments and demonstrate the proven ability of three xApps – eScheduler, eServiceTech and eVA to help alleviate the strain.


COVID-19 and e-Emphasys: Equipping Customers for Success

At e-Emphasys we recognize and sympathize with our customers that are facing uncertain futures due to the effects of this pandemic. We also recognize that for some of our clients, they are facing even busier times than usual. That’s why, e-Emphasys is working diligently in order to provide our customers will the tools and knowledge they need to keep their business up and running.  


Shortage Solutions for Service Success

A recent AED report highlighted a major concern facing the equipment industry today – skill gap. Skill gap refers to the disparity between the skills of the workforce and the skills you need in your organization. This gap manifests in the form of technician shortages resulting from a lack of qualified technicians with the required hard skills. Compounding this shortage is the abundance of baby boomers nearing retirement. Their mastery of hard skills is not being back filled by current education systems which are advocating for four years degrees over technical and vocational careers.