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e‑Emphasys Managed Services

Your ERP is pivotal to your business, making sure it runs smoothly is ours.

Your ERP system needs are as unique as your business. e-Emphasys offers world-class managed services with comprehensive support for essential systems, databases and applications. Our end-to-end solutions enable you to focus on your core strengths and strategic initiatives while our unique delivery model ensures complete commitment from our experts to your specific business environment. We work with you to determine the optimal ERP solution that is as unique as your ERP system needs.


TrueSource Managed Services Model

e-Emphasys’ TRUESOURCE methodology offers a robust number of standardized solutions which are tailored to meet your unique ERP service needs. Integrated business processes allow servicing of those entities from a centralized location, but also helps process common transactions for diverse clients operating in different industry sectors across different global time zones and cultures.



Reduce or Control Operating Costs

Be in control of your monthly costs through our subscription-based services

Share Risks

Become more flexible, dynamic and adaptable to changing opportunities

Gain Access to World-Class Capabilities

Expose the organization to new technology, tools and techniques in addition to providing structured methodologies, procedures and documentation

Redirect IS Resources to More Strategic Activities

Redirect IS resources from non-core activities towards customer-centric activities

Accelerate Reengineering Benefits

Allows an organization to realize the benefits of reengineering using our expertise based on world-class standards/process

Optimized Productivity

Ensure the longevity and maximum uptime of your ERP and peripheral systems


  • Assists clients with software package selection, evaluation and installation of commonly used ERP packages.
  • Provides customizations including custom software development and enhancements across packages and platforms.
  • Builds interface development across various internal and external systems, web-based applications for customer service, self-service and EAI type initiatives.
  • Provides business application and production support, packaged application hosting, system administration and system architecture management services.
  • Provides release management and migration services.


With an understanding of your requirements and managed service needs, we tightly integrate our team into your production support organization through flexible engagement models. We recommend governance and process improvements which define the roles and responsibilities of both you, the customer, and e-Emphasys, enabling all involved to successfully execute their roles.

Explore the key services included in our various model options:

ASM - Application Support Model

Staff Augmentation

  • Support staff augmentation
  • 80-20 or “offshore only” options
  • Limited scope (L1, L2) and SLA
  • Limited skill sets
  • Dependency on client support team
  • Attrition due to monotonous role

Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) - Managed Services Model

Dedicated Center of Excellence

  • Isolated and secured environment dedicated to the client
  • Support, maintenance and administrative services
  • 80-20 or “Offshore Only” options
  • SLA driven Services
  • Strongest SLA (L1, L2, L3, L:4)
  • Multi-skilled resources
  • Better utilization – GEM Model for 100% utilization
  • Scope for new development initiatives
  • Highest responsibility
  • Improved productivity and cost reduction over the engagement lifecycle
  • Maximum benefit due to commitment of domain/ technical expertise
  • Minimum commitment of client resources

Hybrid Model - Application Support/Development Model

Extended Development Center

  • Support and maintenance services
  • 80-20 or “offshore only” options
  • Expanded scope
  • Stronger SLA (L1, L2, L3)
  • Multi-skilled resources
  • Better utilization – GEM model for 100% utilization
  • Scope for new development initiatives
  • Increased Responsibility
  • Improved stability
  • Resources for Functional / technical support

FLEX - Flexible Model for Smaller IT Teams

Non-Exclusive Support

  • Assigned, dedicated SPOC offsite resource who co-ordinates with the assigned SPOC of the customer
  • The e-Emphasys SPOC works internally with offsite technical/functional/admin teams (no dedicated resources) to resolve tickets.
  • Model pricing is based on the package chosen (hours/year)
  • e-Emphasys’ eCare login(s) for customer based on the support package chosen. An hour’s usage report delivered to the customer every month
  • SLAs and SLEs are mutually agreed upon and finalized


Leveraging our team’s almost 20 years of experience and an extensive information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), we ensure proper and thorough integration of the service provider within your operational model.  To facilitate transition and to compliment your core production support tool set, we require e-Emphasys tools during transition.


Based upon your chosen engagement model and dynamic staffing needs, we select the right sized team for you. With our flexible approach and skilled resource pool, e-Emphasys is able to scale up or reduce team size as the forecasted service demand fluctuates.

We leverage a combination of our MSP, Baan, Oracle and industry experience to provide you a clearly defined project scope, a leading solution and approach and an integrated project organization and staffing model with qualified, experienced resources.


Give your business the edge it needs to outperform the competition with e-Emphasys’ value added solutions. Developed to achieve maximum value from your IT investments, our solutions increase productivity, reduce cost and enhance asset utilization. Coupled with seamless integration, these solutions introduce ease and efficiency into your business operations.

Adept performance management requires set financial and operational targets.

e-Emphasys’ enterprise performance management (EPM) services aid you in budgeting, planning and forecasting, advanced analytics, business scorecards, data warehousing, business activity queries (BAQ) and comprehensive reports.

We understand the importance of data to your company’s success as well as the need to reduce cost and time-to-market for managing data across the enterprise.

Our deep industry knowledge and robust technical capabilities allow us to create quality data management solutions for our clients.

e-Emphasys supports you with our highly skilled teams of specialists who provide automated and manual validation processes to improve data.

We understand the importance of data to your company’s success as well as the need to reduce cost and time-to-market for managing data across the enterprise.

Our deep industry knowledge and robust technical capabilities allow us to create quality data management solutions for our clients.

e-Emphasys supports you with our highly skilled teams of specialists who provide automated and manual validation processes to improve data.

We understand the value of accurate, timely data to your business. e-Emphasys provides the complete life cycle design and development activities required to implement end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

Our business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) strategy and consulting offerings help you to align BI technology initiatives with your business strategies and vision. Our offerings include:

  • BI Strategy and Roadmap Services
  • BI and DW Health Check Services
  • Solution Architecture and Data Modeling Competency Services
  • BI Architecture Optimization Services
  • DW Appliances
  • BI Architecture Assessment and Re-engineering Services
  • BI Competency Centers
  • Tool Evaluation Services

These services can be configured to deliver additional offerings, such as:

  • Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data Mart Building
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mart Development
  • Data Integration
  • Information Delivery
  • Maintenance, Operation and Support

To stay ahead of your competition and deliver sustainable business performance, you need insights into markets, customers and internal processes.

e-Emphasys’ analytics services help you to effectively combine industry knowledge, cutting-edge mathematical and statistical methods, technological tools and software environments to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture.

With proven delivery methodologies, e-Emphasys helps you to:

  • Draw insights from past data
  • Respond in real-time to current business needs.
  • Use predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

Improving productivity is essential to your business’ profitability. Leveraging tier one, industry standard RF hardware, e-Data Collect provides a complete framework to develop, deploy and manage mobile enterprise applications.

e-Data Collect is bundled with a tightly integrated bar code tracking system. Packaged with ready-to-use business features including an advanced bar code label designer, e-Data Collect enables you to design labels with ease.

The e-Emphasys distributed enterprise manager (D-EPM) integration technology provides a solution that is standard, cost- effective, release-neutral and scalable. e-Data Collect is a multi-byte compliant solution that supports practically every available language in the world.


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