Milind Bagade is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of e-Emphasys, responsible for company strategy planning and growth initiatives. He co-founded e-Emphasys starting with one fresh engineer which is now transformed into a globally known focused enterprise product company. A veteran of the ERP and Aftersales Service Management Solution industries. Milind has extensive experience architecting and delivering enterprise solutions to organizations worldwide. Milind believed in Dealership and Rental Business Management’s massive potential nearly 15 years ago and has pioneered the first integrated ERP and BI solution for After Sales Service Management.

Over the past decade, Milind has grown e-Emphasys to become the world’s leading provider of cloud-based mobile Dealership and Rental Business Management solutions. Milind’s passion is to provide standardized and configurable industry solutions with built-in best business practices. Under his leadership, e-Emphasys has expanded its operations in several countries across the globe with one single Enterprise SaaS Solution. Today, he leads an international team of experts dedicated to rethinking Aftersales Service, and delivering cutting-edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and build lasting customer relationships.

Prior to e-Emphasys, Milind was the Chief Architect and member of the architectural board of Baan Company, a major enterprise application software vendor. Before this he was heading IT initiatives for one of the Tata enterprises in India.

Milind received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Mumbai at India.