We Believe a Product is Only as Good as its Customer Support

We understand how imperative customer support is to your business. At e-Emphasys, we are committed to responding to all your queries, and resolving issues effectively, within the fastest time frame possible.

WE CARE 24x7

Around the Clock Support

In order to provide a best-in-class product support experience, all our customers have 24×7 access to our web-based eCare platform—our primary channel for delivery of customer service. Users can create a helpdesk request, track the status, and receive updates on their e-Care tickets without having to pick up the phone. Customers can also search our knowledge base on eCare, and run documented reports for similar cases explicated in the past.

“Most importantly, e-Emphasys does have the ability to support globally. They have sites all over the world. Support centers can give us the 24×7 support, no matter what part of the world we are operating in.”

-Marubeni Corporation

eCare offers a range of troubleshooting services to assist customers in making correct, efficient and cost-effective use of their products. It includes planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading of products. A dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers and business consultants specializing in areas such as management, finance, accounting, parts, supply chain, etc. provides support on-call (toll-free) or via web-conference.

Unlike most other competitors, e-Emphasys provides its customers hand holding on product features, business processes, and technical activities.

e-Emphasys Global Support drives customer success.


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