Microsoft Partner

e-Emphasys has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2006. Leveraging Microsoft pervasive technologies such as Outlook and SharePoint, e-Emphasys offer our customers integrated CRM and Business Intelligence tools with familiar interfaces, leading to rapid adoption and productivity improvements.

Building upon Microsoft’s framework, e-Emphasys adds significant functionality to address the specific needs of equipment dealers and rental companies, ensuring investments in these technologies provides a rapid and sustained ROI.

Infor Premier Partner

e-Emphasys ERP is an enterprise software package built by e-Emphasys on the foundation of Infor’s ERP LN. For almost a decade, e-Emphasys has enjoyed premier partner status with Infor as a major solution and consulting partner. Building on this foundation, in 2004 Infor and e-Emphasys entered into an exclusive, long-term binding agreement under which e-Emphasys focuses on the development and support of e-Emphasys ERP, while Infor provides strong backing and local services. This unique agreement provides e-Emphasys customers with a significant benefit and assurance that their investment in e-Emphasys ERP is sound.