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Who we are

e-Emphasys is a global IT solutions company, providing industry-specific ERP software to Equipment Dealerships and Rental companies of the construction, mining, forestry, material handling, agriculture, heavy trucking, aggregate and sanitation industries. In today’s connected world, e-Emphasys provides a unified view of company data to simplify customer experiences, while improving operational efficiency, and creating significant increases in bottom-lines.


e-Emphasys has a proven track record of ensuring success for Equipment Dealerships and Rental companies, by helping them achieve profitable growth. e-Emphasys combines excellent business and operational support systems. Its demonstrated service delivery platform and consulting resources with deep industry expertise are helping customers overcome their biggest business challenges – with its end-to-end business solutions enabling customers to increase revenue faster than industry averages.

Dealership Excellence

  • Successful delivery and deployment of dealership ERP software in 17 countries
  • Integrated Industry Best Business Practices
  • Real-time Business Analytics & Dashboards
  • Flexible OEM Interfaces
  • e-Commerce Customer Portals
  • All our customers use one version of the e-Emphasys ERP solution with little to no customizations
  • We can deploy either in the Cloud or on Premise

Benefits Of Working With Us

e-Emphasys Today

e-Emphasys has taken a leading position with more than a decade of continuous growth and innovation. The company was founded with a simple objective: to create sophisticated engineered business solutions for the equipment dealership and rental industry. Over the years, the e-Emphasys technology solution has evolved to deliver very high customer-centric performance.

Looking to the Future

Dedicated focus on the equipment dealership and rental industry has brought us tremendous success and growth. The company has expanded beyond its North American roots, making successful strides across the globe. e-Emphasys solutions are relied upon by some of the most-recognized equipment dealerships and rental companies in the world.

Mission & Vision

Over the next five years, to be the leading industry-specific ERP solution of choice for heavy equipment dealerships and rental companies – delivered by best-in-class people, leveraging best-in-class technologies. We will accomplish this by helping our customers develop a sustainable competitive advantage, through improved efficiency, superior customer support capabilities, and tighter controls over operational expenses that impact the bottom-line.

Philosophy and Work Culture

While e-Emphasys is a company built on creating superior customer-focused technology, it is also built on the culture of innovation, a belief in strong ecosystems, and above all, hard work, inspiration and teamwork.

The company’s culture is one of its most valuable assets. At e-Emphasys, people are enthusiastic, open-minded, ambitious, committed, responsible, creative, friendly, flexible and passionate. Above all, they are innovative.

Supplier Sustainability

e-Emphasys requires suppliers to comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety legal requirements to prevent such incidents or conditions that might result in a violation of law or otherwise endanger the environment. Requirements that Suppliers should adhere to may include the following:


  • Child labor and young workers • Wages and benefits • Working hours • Modern slavery (i.e. slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking) Freedom of association, incl. collective bargaining • Harassment and non-discrimination • Health and Safety • Corruption, extortion and bribery • Privacy and data protection • Fair competition and anti-trust • Conflicts of interest • Whistleblowing and protection against retaliation • GHG emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energy • Sustainable resources management and waste reduction


Any inquiries should be sent to HR_USA@e-emphasys.com.


e-Emphasys is the only complete, end-to-end platform that meets all the unique business needs of the Equipment Distribution and Rental Industry. Approved by industry leaders, e-Emphasys ERP is the fastest growing solution proven to maximize performance and efficiency in every aspect of the operations.

To learn how a modern, cutting-edge ERP solution, designed specifically for the Equipment Distribution and Rental industry can revolutionize your business, request a free demo here today! e-Emphasys representatives will happily assist you with any additional information, and demonstrate the radical business value of a modern, fully-integrated ERP platform.