e360 Datasheet

In the office or on the go, unparalleled data and analytics are at your fingertips. e360 provides your executives and sales team on the road, instant access to real-time customer and inventory information. An all-in-one, user-friendly mobile application, it enables a 360° view of the customer profile; equipment; recent transactions; service & rentals; parts inventory; credit history, and much more.

eInspection Datasheet

eInspection facilitates automation of the check-in, check-out process, helping to minimize equipment turnover time and maximize rental profits. eInspection App uses cutting-edge technology that empowers you to take control of the movement of your equipment. Every time your equipment enters or exits the yard, your yard managers can automate Check-in and Check-out, and run a comprehensive inspection process, without any paperwork.

Benefits of Our Dealer Management System Whitepaper

It is critical for dealer organizations to adapt to ever-changing business scenarios, excel in customer service, efficiently handle resources and keep pace with the industry and technology, while lowering the expense ratio. By utilizing industry-specific technology solutions, businesses can differentiate from the competition and optimize their core processes.

Future Proof Whitepaper

Dealer Business Systems (DBS) have a strategic and ongoing impact on the business performance and agility of dealer organizations. Leveraging the power and flexibility of modern technology, an effective business system can create a distinct competitive advantage. Dealer executives should periodically scrutinize the state of their existing system and evaluate opportunities provided by modern alternatives.